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International Students

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All International students, with the exception of students from the Republic of Maldives, need to acquire an entry visa to come and study in Sri Lanka.

Effective from 1st January 2012, all holiday or business travellers arriving in Sri Lanka must have an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) which can be easily obtained through internet.

Personalised Visa Information

We are always willing to assist you with your Visa related concerns. You may ask details about the applicable class of visa, the section criteria for visa, the required documents for visa and the general necessities of visa in Sri Lanka by contacting us.

As an individual holding student visa, you ought not to participate in any type of work, paid or unpaid, or in any exchange or business other than that predetermined in the visa during your stay in Sri Lanka.

Your visa must be used before the date of expiry given on the visa.

Applications for extension of all visas ought to be made to the Department of Immigration and Emigration well before the date of expiry of your visa.

Application Process

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01. Pick the best Program

ick the best program that suites you with the assistance of our Counsellors. Apply on-line or post/email the downloaded and duly completed application. You have to give the accompanying documents when applying: Completed application. Copy of your travel documents (Validity of passport ought to cover the length of time of the course). Academic transcripts/ Diploma Certificates Please note that failure to submit all relevant documents may cause delays in obtaining your visa. Saegis Admissions office will assist you with special enrolment options, when there are delays in visa processing.

Status of your Application

We will assess and inform you the status of your application. Contingent upon your satisfaction of requirements, we will furnish you with either a Conditional Offer Letter (Pending results or inadequate documentation) or Unconditional Offer Letter.

Visit the high Commission of Sri Lanka

You have to visit the High Commission of Sri Lanka in your country to obtain the visa. After obtaining the visa, you could make arrangements to travel to Sri Lanka.