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Saegis strives to deliver highly recognised courses with affordable course fees. We have flexible options such as payments in instalments, loan arrangements and part and full scholarships for deserving students

Special arrangements with leading Banks to pay your course fees under a concessionary loan scheme.

Allowing students to pay on instalment basis.

providing Special Scholarships.

Student Financial Services

Bank Loan

A number of reputed banks have tied up with Saegis Campus to offer educational loans to needy students at Saegis. Parents or students who wish to avail of this facility may please contact the marketing staff of Saegis to obtain more information.

Flexible Payment Plans

Saegis Campus offers a number of flexible payment plans for the convenience of students. Course fees can be paid in full in advance or in instalments. The course fees comprises tuition fees, examination fees and cost of study materials. This does not include payments which should be made for exam resits and repeat modules. The three payment plans from which students can select are as follows.

Student Scholarship Programs

Saegis Campus annually offers a certain number of scholarships, at the discretion of its Management, based on merit and financial need of students. Students with exceptional academic merit and/or financial need may apply for such scholarships through the marketing staff at Saegis. Scholarships will be awarded based on an evaluation by a Scholarship Board at Saegis and the decision of the Board shall be final. Further information on scholarships could be obtained from the marketing division of Saegis Campus.