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Saegis Degree Foundation Program

Saegis Degree Foundation Year provides the opportunity for students to enter a degree program without completing the GCE Advance Level exam or any other equivalent examination such as London A/L or Cambridge A/L . Students can proceed to do the Degree Foundation Year just after the O/L and after completion of the Foundation Year, they can enrol in any degree program available at Saegis University Campus.

Students will save valuable time and parents will save money by going through this path to obtain a prestigious degree from a reputed overseas University. For example, instead of spending two years of their valuable time preparing for the extremely competitive GCE A/L examination, students can complete the Saegis Foundation Program in one year and then commence their degree program straightaway. Students will be better prepared to start their degree at the end of the Foundation Year than they would be after the A/L examination. More importantly, there is no waiting time at all after O/L. At least, a student will save 2 years of his/her life by choosing the path offered by Saegis Degree Foundation Year (i.e., 1 year from not having to do the A/L and 1 year from not having to wait to enter a Government University after the A/L examination).